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Fender Design System

The Fender Design System serves all of Fender's digital properties and provides guidance and documentation on global UI/UX patterns and components, as well as those that are unique to each individual application.

Fender Tone

Fender Tone® is the ultimate companion app to the Fender® Mustang™ GTX, GT, and Rumble™ Stage/Studio amplifiers.

Fender Play

Fender Play® is the complete guitar, bass and ukulele learning app for anyone seeking a virtual music teacher - including players of all skill levels.

Fender Tune
Fender Tune

Fender Tune is the 5-star rated, precision tuner app for guitar, bass and ukulele from the most trusted name in guitars.

View serves as both a gateway to the brand and eCommerce experience.

airCRM Control

In late 2013, shortly after I joined Ubiquiti Networks, we began work on the next generation of network management software for the company’s airMAX hardware. The effort spanned the company, with teams throughout the US and Europe collaborating to deliver firmware, back-end and front-end releases which...


Ubiquiti Networks' sunMAX™ solar solution to address the obstacles preventing solar deployment on a global scale.

UBNT Enterprise Software Platform

Ubiquiti’s enterprise software platform is the constantly evolving result of a highly collaborative, cross-functional effort. As the creative director for Ubiquiti’s Los Angeles based UI Labs, I have led a team of UI/UX designers during design, while working closely with front-end UI engineers, back-end developers...

mFi Smart Power

mFi Smart Power brings control of Ubiquiti's mFi smart home power solution to the user's mobile device.

View is the primary marketing channel and product information source for Ubiquiti's latest hardware and software offerings including carrier-class broadband technology, enterprise wireless, video surveillance and more.


A standalone application to assist wireless internet service providers in network planning through link calculation and simulated hardware performance.

Employee Central Portal

Delivering a wealth of vital content via a responsive website which will ultimately service some 60,000 employees working at more than 210 sites in more than 90 countries around the globe.

Deloitte Digital, Unified Touch for Windows 8 / Microsoft Surface
Unified Touch

Evangelizing Deloitte Digital's capabilities and approach to integrating enterprise data and applications into a unified, touch-optimized interface.

Digio by Deloitte Digital

Evangelizing Deloitte Digital's capabilities to clients as well as to other service lines within Deloitte Consulting.

Intel SAP
SAP Vision

Re-imagining Intel's sales pipeline through innovative, forward thinking UI/UX.

Tuesday Creative, Business Cards
Business Cards

Breaking the ice and making a memorable first impression with over 50 unique, hand-tooled illustrations.

Pells Voice logo
Pells Voice

Logo design, album art and t-shirt designs for the band Pells Voice.