UBNT Enterprise Software Platform / UI Component Library

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Roles and Responsibilities:
Creative Direction, Art Direction, UI/UX Design, Cross-functional Facilitating
Artifacts & Deliverables:
Style guide & visual design component library, UI/UX design artifacts, prototypes, iconography

Ubiquiti’s enterprise software platform is the constantly evolving result of a highly collaborative, cross-functional effort. As the creative director for Ubiquiti’s Los Angeles based UI Labs, I have led a team of UI/UX designers during design, while working closely with front-end UI engineers, back-end developers and product leads to ensure the implementation follows through on the company’s creative vision and high standards for user experience.

The team has worked to identify and define macro and micro design patterns that exist across all of the company’s applications. A comprehensive framework has been designed and built to provide UX solutions from the most common, basic components (such as buttons, forms and navigation), as well as providing a consistent experience for highly specialized UI (such as device performance charting and data visualization).

The platform provides for a wide range of products, from carrier class broadband network management tools to a suite of CRM tools to enterprise wireless hardware controllers — while maintaining the flexibility and room for growth to serve new products in emerging technologies.

The goal continues to be to provide a robust platform that designers and developers can leverage towards the rapid design and development of new products, as well as the continuing iteration and improvement upon existing products.