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Art Direction, Design & Illustration: Andrew Seles Creative Director: Aaron Nather
Roles & Responsibilities:
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration
Artifacts & Deliverables:
Business Cards

While at Tuesday Creative, I designed and illustrated these business cards to serve as an ice-breaker that would inject some levity into introductions and make a memorable first impression by leaving contacts with a face to put to the name. Each employee received a custom, hand-tooled illustration; in all, over 50 unique portraits were created.

Chy Lin and Dan Harris illustration
Bridget Shiels and Scott Seward illustrations
Elyse Dustman and Dan Harris illustrations
Stephanie Warner and Michelle Rosenfield illustrations
James Fiszer and Brittany Ludwig illustrationsJen Murse & Valerie Painter illustrations
Bill Salvador and Andrew Seles illustrations
Chris Tellez and Jason Cook illustrationsHenry Roumian and Leah Tribble illustrations
Jason Contreras and Paula Tade illustrations
Dianna Martinez and Scott McCoy illustrations
Aaron Nather and Patrick Shipstad illustrations
Carly Johnson and Chuck Rickard illustrations
Beau Gieson and Ian Loyd illustrations
Steven Running and Johnnie Biggs illustrations