Andrew Seles | Social Engagement & Advanced Technology

Paramount Studios
Social Engagement & Advanced Technology

Roles & Responsibilities:
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration, UI Design
Artifacts & Deliverables:
Presentation Deck

This Deloitte Digital presentation deck was created for Paramount Studios, using the upcoming home release of Star Trek to explore how advanced technology and next-level social engagement can illuminate and align product and customer life-cycles. Real-world metrics were used to show the growing popularity of new technology such as tablet adoption, second screen experiences and augmented reality. I created an illustration of customers’ social interactions throughout the film’s release schedule. We then designed hi-fidelity mock-ups of what those advanced technology experiences might look like, showing how they could be inserted within the product life-cycle.

Star Trek augmented reality iPhone concept
Star Trek customer lifecycle infographic
Star Trek customer lifecycle infographic
Star Trek second screen app concepts
Paramount presentation, Thank You page